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Fellowship Conferences
Didactic Education:
Endovascular Educational Programming
  1. Case presentation conference: Once a Month, Wednesday evening at 4:00.  Fellows prepare and present a case history with pertinent diagnostic studies and treatment options. Discussion centers  on presentation, differential diagnosis, most appropriate diagnostic studies, operative/endovascular approaches, family discussions regarding risks and benefits and finally on outcomes and decision points.
  2. Journal Club: Once a month, Wednesday evening at 4:00. Each month a different attending is assigned to head Journal Club. Approximately four articles are chosen, one of which is a “classic” article on a topic in which that particular attending has expertise. Articles are discussed, reviewed, and critiqued.
  3. M & M Review: Once a month, Wednesday evening at 4:00. Each fellow presents his or her assigned cases at the Morbidity and Mortality Conference. Each case is reviewed and discussed by the attendings and fellows.
  4. Research Meeting: Once a month, Wednesday evening at 4:00. A review of the current research efforts for all of the fellows is discussed. Critical discussions, along with collaborative discussions, center on the progress and rigor of the current research.
  5. Weekly Board Rounds: Each Friday morning from 7:30 to 8:30 AM the attendings host a review of the past week’s endovascular cases. It is open to all fellows, residents, and medical students.